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Why We Want More Opportunities & Less Ping Pong

Spoiler alert, beer taps and ping pong tables aren't enough to attract and retain your top-tier talent - it takes genuine values, meaningful company culture and intentional investment in professional development.

Today, we're going to cover why young professionals don't need beer taps and ping pong tables to be happy. We want opportunities to grow and support for our our future, instead.

Beware of "benefits vs. perks" when making offers

From the words of Alex Mexicotte (Denver, Colorado), one of our very first interviews here at The YoPro Know: Look for a company that places emphasis on training and growth, and beware of things like benefits versus perks. A perk would be something like a ping-pong table in the office. That’s cool and nice if you have a 15 minute break, but you should be looking for the benefits for when you are struggling, to see if there is a system in place to help guide you. You can check out his story here, but keep in mind this was nearly four years ago!

If your company does not offer new opportunities for (them) to grow, young professionals will find ones that do.

Both of these past YoPro Know interviewees, Allie Van Dyke (Greenville, South Carolina) and Rachelle Patel (New York City, New York), reference that you have to look out for all opportunities at all times. In other words, if you offer great opportunities that other companies are not, it will be hard for your young professionals to leave! Check out their stories here: Allie's story; Rachelle's story.

We want something tangible to get us to the next level in our careers

News flash: we have been rewarded with incentives like pizza parties, gift cards, and trophies our whole lives. Ping pong tables and beer are just the adult version of these things. Particularly for us millennials, who have been deemed the “trophy generation”, I’ll be the first to say that we’re sick of it.

They might give us a short-term gain, but in the workplace, much like you and your peers in your own generation (looking at you, Experienced Professionals), we are looking for something tangible that can help get us to that next level in our careers. This rarely appears in any form other than salary, work flexibility, and professional development. Chelsea Kinser shares in her interview that if you feel a job is not helping you grow, it's okay to take a risk and find a job that does fit your goals. Read her interview here.


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