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You’re here because as a young professional, brimming with promise and potential, you believe there simply must be a better opportunity out in this big-wide-world for you - one that fuels you, fulfills you and feels rooted in shared success with your employer.


We’re here because we believe that too. Let’s be the “force” in workforce, shall we?

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Whether you’re fresh on the scene and seeking a career that will inspire you, have lost the spark after giving a role your best shot, or have seen and done some things with a story to tell - this is your (work)place and these are your people.


The YoPro Know exists to expand your network, expose you to new options and, above all, empower you to know what you want and how to go after it.


Best believe, you’re in good company. By joining our YoPro community, you’ll become part of an ambitious squad spanning the country, 65+ industries and all career stages - together, we will help you find and secure your professional path forward.

Are you ready to set the new professional standard? Now it’s your turn and this is your time.


We thought you’d never ask...


We help YoPros be successful in the workplace by:

Providing access to an exclusive knowledge base of direct experience and expansive research including 400+ interviews and 30,000+ hours of content curated from YoPros for YoPros

Sharing proprietary industry insight, professional development resources, key learnings and more derived directly from our YoPro community

Offering a new way to network by connecting you with like-minded movers and shakers across the country. No small talk here...

Going straight to the source by curating and recommending progressive businesses and organizations with a demonstrated commitment to hiring, retaining and promoting YoPros

Let's be the "force" in workforce, shall we?
the YoPro Know - Force in Workforce


YoPros and their employers alike are facing bad math

In 2020, the US Census Bureau tallied 28 million professionals between the ages of 18 and 34 - this translates to 30% of the US workforce entering the first phase of their professional journey.


Step up onto the next rung - here’s looking at you, Millennials - and we find even more strength in YoPro numbers. This group of misfits and mavens is the rule, not the exception representing 35% of the global workforce in 2021 - by 2025, they will comprise a staggering 75%.


If it’s any consolation, it’s not just you. More than 50% of Millennials feel FOMO over opportunities to learn and grow with less than 30% reporting feeling engaged at work.


And they’re over it. 21% of Millennial workers changed jobs in the last 12 months with a whopping 65% looking to make a move in the near future or switch to freelancing.

Best believe, this flux costs us all. Millennial turnover comes with a $30.5B price tag per year with employers spending an average of 33% of an employee’s yearly salary for each exit.


Where’s the disconnect? *drum roll*  Pay, purpose and potential.


Simple, not easy, addressing the root cause of YoPro misalignment promises to be a turning point for captivating, engaging and retaining upcoming talent. To us, this starts with empowering YoPros to understand what they truly want alongside equipping them with the knowledge, support and skills to go after it.


At The YoPro Know, we’re on a mission to be the bridge between ambitious young professionals and the progressive employers by arming YoPros with career insight inspired by direct experiences, catered professional development resources, a steadfast community, and a curated collection of vetted organizations looking to hire, retain and promote them. 

Are you ready to change the culture conversation and professional playbook? Same. Let’s get to work.
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The YoPro Know draws on an exclusive knowledge base of direct experience and expansive research through 400+ interviews and 30,000+ hours of content curated from young professionals across the country, 65+ industries, and all career stages.


Let’s change the professional narrative to one of purpose, growth and shared success for YoPros and businesses alike.