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You’re here because you want to find, hire and, most importantly, retain YoPros. We’re here because we want you to enjoy shared success in which your efforts to enhance company culture, professional development and purposeful career trajectories pays off in spades with thriving YoPros who return on your investment ten-fold.  


Are you ready for your business to become the place for emerging YoPros? Let’s get to work.

YoPro Know - Hire a YoPro


 Spoiler alert, beer taps and ping pong tables aren't enough to attract and retain your top-tier talent - it takes genuine values, meaningful company culture and international investment in professional development.

Focused on small to mid-sized businesses, The YoPro Know is uniquely positioned to help you create and curate unique environments that draw and, most importantly, retain young professionals.

To support your business goals, we help increase your young professional retention and recruitment efforts in 3 ways.


  1. Assess: This is where we dig deep into your young professional culture + connect with your current and past YoPro employees

  2. Customize: Using the information from your assessment, we create a customized Game Plan to reach your goals

  3. Implement: This is where it all comes together! You will begin to see results spanning across your business after we start working together

Are you ready for your business to become the place for emerging YoPros? Let’s get to work.


Our mission should we choose to accept it.

In 2020, the US Census Bureau tallied 28 million professionals between the ages of 18 and 34 - this translates to 30% of the US workforce entering the first phase of their professional journey - eyes bright and brimming with untapped potential.


Step up onto the next rung - here’s looking at you, Millennials - and that ladder starts to wobble. This group of misfits and mavens is the rule, not the exception representing 35% of the global workforce in 2021 - by 2025, they will comprise a staggering 75%.


Despite strength in numbers, this prime talent pool is still predominantly misunderstood and left unseen. More than 50% of Millennials feel FOMO over opportunities to learn and grow at work within the past year and are, consequently, 4X more likely to leave a job when they don’t get fair compensation (based on market value) or achieve personal meaning.


In short, they’re over it. 21% of Millennial workers changed jobs in the last 12 months with a whopping 65% looking to make a move in the near future or switch to freelancing.

Best believe, this flux costs us all. Millennial turnover comes with a $30.5B price tag per year with employers spending an average of 33% of an employee’s yearly salary for each exit.


Where’s the disconnect? *drum roll* Pay, purpose and potential.


Simple, not easy, addressing the root cause of this YoPro misalignment promises to be a turning point for captivating, engaging and retaining upcoming talent.


At The YoPro Know, we’re on a mission to be the bridge between ambitious young professionals and the progressive businesses who want to hire, retain and promote them by eliminating cultural barriers, providing tailored resources, and connecting innovative employers with our evolving YoPro community.


You are able to lead this charge and we’re here to help make you a YoPro hero. By understanding and acting on each other's needs and motivations, we are confident you will enhance relationships and enjoy shared success.

the YoPro Know - Stories + Interviews

The YoPro Know draws on an exclusive knowledge base of direct experience and expansive research through 500+ interviews and 30,000+ hours of content curated from young professionals across the country, 65+ industries, and all career stages.


Let’s change the professional narrative to one of purpose, growth and shared success for YoPros and businesses alike.