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Entrepreneurship INTERVIEWS

Stacy Mehler, 29

Career Coach and Resume Writer

Miami, Florida

Blake Bozarth, 31

Founder and CEO of CoThryve

Orlando, Florida

Jordan Montgomery, 33

Coach and Keynote Speaker

Iowa City, Iowa

Sarah Henning


Nashville, Tennessee

Imani-Grace King, 23


Greenville, South Carolina

Braxton DeCamp

FP&A Analyst

New York, New York

Anna Cate Berman, 25

Business Owner

Birmingham, Alabama

Derrick Freeland, 24

Youth Motivational Speaker

Charlotte, North Carolina

Parus Nischal, 25

Founder and CEO of Nischal Sports Group

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jennifer Burns, 34

Founder and CEO of Wedzee

Tampa, Florida

Katey Gordon, 29

Certified Integrative Health Coach and Business Owner

Carrolltown, Georgia

Ryan Thorne, 33

Founder and CEO of Thorne Ambulance Service

Greenville, South Carolina

Troy Bravenboer, 34

Founder and CEO of Brave Freight

Tampa, Florida

Aidan Heintzman, 26

Founder and CEO of Hello Earth

New York, New York

Jason Kraemer, 28

Cofounder of Flashpacker Co.

Ontario, Canada

Lindsey McMillion Stemann

Founder of McMillion Consulting

Greenville, South Carolina

Ted Phaeton, 32

Morning Anchor and Founder of Modern Man

Greenville, South Carolina 

Andrea Macek, 37

Founder of AYM Consulting

Chicago, Illinois 

Jess Smith, 30

Founder of Jess Smith Coaching

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tim Nowak, 37

Founder and CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions

Sun City Center, Florida

Abbey Griffith, 25

Owner of Clarity Fitness 

Atlanta, Georgia

Amanda Worthington, 29

User Experience & Web Designer

Atlanta, Georgia

Dominic Imwalle, 23
IT Analyst at Deloitte and the Founder of DX Consulting
Cleveland, Ohio

Brett Lyle, 34
National Account Director & Career Coach
Dallas, Texas

Anand Mahalingam 30
Actor, Comedian, and Video Editor
Los Angeles, California

Max Chan, 31
Career Coach
Toronto, Canada

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