Most young people graduate from high school or college and are miserable in their jobs, which has a significant impact on our workplace. Our business helps young professionals find a job they love while supporting businesses find new ways to engage the young professionals they work with every day. Here's how we do it:​



We have interviewed over 325 young professionals across 36 states, 3 countries, 67 industries, and stages of life (between 21-39 years old) to bring you the best lessons and takeaways to apply to your career. Visit our blog or video and podcast series to see their stories. 



Not finding passion in your career today? We take a unique approach with you through the Job Seeker, an individualized career search that utilizes the power of The YoPro Know network. Thanks to our amazing interviews, we show you new industries and career paths you may not even be aware of, complete with all of the tools you need to find the best career fit for you.



In addition to our free content on the blog and interviews, we offer memberships to take your professional development opportunities to the next level. From the Learner level to the Networker, there are ways to engage with the network and become a stronger and well-rounded young professional. This is best for YoPros looking to advance in their career.



Low retention rates + poor work experiences are damaging to a business. We can offer a new solution that works for both your business and the young professionals you work with.

Starting with a Young Professional Culture Audit, we assess and offer solutions to best recruit, engage, and retain the YoPros at your business.



Hey there, YoPro Know audience. The YoPro Know got its start after a rude awakening in my first career and at the start of my professional life. I was miserable going to work each day and couldn't find purpose, which led me down a path I could have never imagined.


The business started as a way for me to connect with young professionals from across the country to provide a glimpse into the lives of other YoPros. After three years, it has turned into a growing platform that is here to help all young professionals succeed in the workplace.

We spend a large portion of our time working, so why shouldn't we have jobs that we love? 


To know The YoPro Know is to know me as a person because I am empowered by building a better workplace for all young professionals, the future business leaders of our world. Now that you're here, I hope you'll consider joining the network. 


There's something here for everyone. Welcome to The YoPro Know.

Kamber Parker