I'm Kamber and I am a 24-year-old YoPro currently living in Greenville, South Carolina working for a local non-profit that I can't say enough wonderful things about. After college, I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I worked in corporate America in the sexy industry known as insurance. I had a great job, was living in a wonderful city and liked my job a lot at the beginning. In fact, I was in what you might call a honeymoon phase. 


Over the year I was there, I found myself seeing less daylight and more bright lights from my screen than anything else, and when my health and happiness were put at risk, I thought it was a sign that I was ready for a change. 

There is a lot that goes on in our first few years in the working world, but after talking with other young professionals, it is clear that there is a lot of value that comes from these years in their entirety, not just when we leave college. I know I have deeply benefited from pouring into my peers since I left college, so my first experience in the working world really got me thinking about how there should be a platform for young professionals going through the same things. 


Whether you are someone looking to join the workforce soon and are curious about different fields, a young professional looking to see what your peers are up to, or someone from a more experienced generation that just wants to figure out what's going on in our millennial heads these days, this blog is a platform for everyone. I ask each young professional I interview to connect me to the next young professional, preferably from a different field and region than themselves. Not only does this platform illustrate that we can all relate in some way to these young professionals; it also shows that we are all interconnected.

That is what The YoPro Know has grown to be. Since its launch in March 2019, the platform has reached a national audience by sharing personal and professional struggles and success stories of YoPros in various fields, regions, and stages of life. In response to COVID-19, we decided we would not be stopping there. This year, we have added new components to continue empowering young professionals in this "new normal". 

With The YoPro Know, you can find:

  • Stories (Hear from YoPros across industries opening up about their specific experiences)

  • Interviews (Hear from YoPros across the country as they share their personal & professional struggles and successes)

  • Video & Podcasts (For those of you on your daily commute [to the couch?]: watch as we interview YoPros face-to-face/Zoom-to-Zoom-screen)

  • Professional Development Tools

    • Networking Events​

    • Individualized Career Search

    • Resume & LinkedIn Help


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- Kamber

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