I'm Kamber and I am a 24-year-old YoPro currently living in Greenville, South Carolina working for a local non-profit that I can't say enough wonderful things about. After college, I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I worked in corporate America in the sexy industry known as insurance. I had a great job, was living in a wonderful city and liked my job a lot at the beginning. In fact, I was in what you might call a honeymoon phase. 


Over the year I was there, I found myself seeing less daylight and more bright lights from my screen than anything else, and when my health and happiness were put at risk, I thought it was a sign that I was ready for a change. 

There is a lot that goes on in our first few years in the working world, but after talking with other young professionals, it is clear that there is a lot of value that comes from these years in their entirety, not just when we leave college. I know I have deeply benefited from pouring into my peers since I left college, so my first experience in the working world really got me thinking about how there should be a platform for young professionals going through the same things. 


Whether you are someone looking to join the workforce soon and are curious about different fields, a young professional looking to see what your peers are up to, or someone from a more experienced generation that just wants to figure out what's going on in our millennial heads these days, this blog is a platform for everyone. I ask each young professional I interview to connect me to the next young professional, preferably from a different field and region than themselves. Not only does this blog illustrate that we can relate in some way to these young professionals; it also shows that we are all interconnected.

That is what The YoPro Know has grown to be. Since its launch in March 2019, the platform has reached a national audience by sharing personal and professional struggles and success stories of YoPros in various fields, regions, and stages of life. We are not just stopping here. This year, we'll add more to our site to continue empowering young professionals in this new working landscape that has us all thinking, what's next? 


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- Kamber

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